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Mr. Chen Ziya is a partner in the Corporate Legal Affairs Department of Appleby Hong Kong Office of Yibai Law Firm. Mr. Chen provides clients with legal advice in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands in the areas of banking and financial affairs, non-contention insurance, technology and innovation, private clients and trust affairs. Mr. Chen is also a member of Appleby’s Global Technology and Innovation Division.

Mr. Chen has more than 20 years of extensive experience and extensive experience in banking and financial transactions, covering syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, project and M&A financing, asset collateral and property finance, energy and infrastructure financing, and for the first time. Public development of pre-sale debt and equity financing, corporate restructuring / insolvency, and various forms of credit and securities. Mr. Chen is also responsible for Appleby’s insurance, private clients and trust affairs in Asia, often for private banks, wealth management companies, insurance companies and trust companies, with corporate restructuring, transfer and insurance guarantees in Bermuda, and multiple jurisdictions. The offshore trust organization of the jurisdiction provides legal advisory services.

Mr. Chen regularly represents large international companies and Asian financial institutions, public and private institutions, securities issuers and leading domestic law firms.

Mr. Chen is widely recognized by clients and numerous legal judges. For two consecutive years, he was elected one of the top ten offshore lawyers in the Asian Legal Business 2017 and 2018 offshore client selection list. In addition, he was selected by the professional insurance magazine “Intelligent Insurer” as one of the influential women in the insurance and reinsurance industry in 2017, and was awarded the “Legal 500 Asia-Pacific (Offshore)” (Legal 500 Asia-Pacific (Offshore)” ) Promises its work. Mr. Chen regularly speaks at various conferences and seminars, and is often invited by key industry organizations and journals in the offshore field to write on policy discussions, interviews and feature articles.

Mr. Chen is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

related experience

InfraRed NF, a Hong Kong-listed joint venture between InfraRed Capital Partners and Vervain and a leading Greater China property investment manager, and a $92.2 million financing investment project with Hong Kong-listed property developer Fullsun International Holdings Group (“Fullsun International”). Acted as InfraRed NF’s British Virgin Islands and Bermuda Legal Adviser.

Advising on the company’s structure, share financing, employee share option scheme and regulatory assessment for the professional investors and global technology start-up platform companies in Hong Kong.

A company registered in the Silicon Valley registered autonomous driving technology company to the Chinese transportation company to issue A-3 series of preferred shares and issue warrants worth $30 million and its value of 623,328.11 to distribute the A-3 series of preferred shares to serve as the company’s opening Man Legal Advisor.

Advising Buddy’s creditors on the Cayman Islands legal perspective on the $4.5 billion global debt restructuring project of Indonesia’s mining company PT Bumi Resources. The project won the “Best Annual Financial Transactions: Bankruptcy and Restructuring” award from the Asia Legal Awards and the “Asian Legal Business South East Awards” “Best Annual Debt Market Trading Award” Item (Excellence Award). The transaction was also awarded the “Best Deal of 2017” by the Asia, Middle East and North Africa Legal Adviser magazine.

Acted as a legal advisor to Bermuda at the China Development Bank (Dalian Branch), providing legal advice on the $26 million credit program offered by CNG Glass (Nigeria) Fze. CNG Glass (Nigeria) Fze. is a company incorporated in the Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Nigeria and a subsidiary of China Glass Holdings Limited. This credit project is a part of a business strategy for the construction of a glass production facility in Nigeria as a business strategy for CNG Glass (Nigeria) Fze. to invest in and develop the African market under the Belt and Road Initiative.

For the sale of 26.02% of Gaoxin Retail Co., Ltd. listed in Hong Kong to Taofu China Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, to Kofu International Limited and Concord Greater China Limited of Taiwan Runtai Enterprise Group, as Citigroup Global Financial Asia Limited Legal adviser to the British Virgin Islands, providing legal advice. Gaoxin Retail is one of the largest large supermarket retailers in China.

In the case of Haitong International Securities Group Co., Ltd., the subscription of Carnival International Holdings Limited to issue a 6.5 percent collateral convertible bond project with a principal amount of HK$390,000,000 due in 2020, and more than one of the British Virgin Islands subsidiaries of Haitong International for its group companies A financing arrangement project, serving as a legal advisor to Haitong International’s Bermuda and British Virgin Islands, providing legal advice.

Advised the Asian Development Bank and China Water Group Co., Ltd. on a $200 million project financing transaction and served as the legal advisor to the Cayman Islands of ADB. The project aims to improve wastewater management in the Chinese mainland and to improve the access of the Chinese people to reliable and clean water supplies.

Provided a 2.4 billion Hong Kong dollar credit facility to Singapore borrowers for the acquisition of Taihe Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-owned investment holding company that trades in metal-related commodities, as a legal adviser to the British Virgin Islands of Haitong International Securities Group Co., Ltd. Legal advisory services.

China Huarong Macau (Hong Kong) Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. subscribed the investment control company, People Financial Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. to issue 437 million Hong Kong dollars of convertible bonds, and acted as legal counsel of Cayman Islands of China Huarong Macau to provide legal advice. The Public Finance Technology Company provides securities and options trading, insurance brokerage, financing, and other related services.

Advised CCB International on the acquisition of convertible bonds issued by Baixin Pharmaceutical International Holdings Co., Ltd., and served as legal advisor to CCB International’s British Virgin Islands and Cayman Legal Advisers. The convertible bond issuance project includes the first batch of convertible bonds worth US$9.28 million and the second batch of convertible bonds worth US$6.91 million.

Advised Guanhua International Holdings Co., Ltd. on loan facilities with a total principal amount of HK$2,226 million and US$48,000,000 respectively, acting as a legal counsel for Bermuda and British Virgin Islands in a syndicate.

Advised Bermuda High Speed ​​Financial Group Co., Ltd. on the issue of 2019 convertible bonds with a total principal amount of 40,000,000 due to Haitong Global Investment SPC III, and served as the legal counsel of Bermuda of Haitong International Investment Fund Co., Ltd., providing legal advice. Haitong Global Investment SPC III is a start-up exempted independent portfolio company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands and acts on behalf of the Haitong Dynamic Multi-Tranche Investment Fund II SP.

A number of global ship financing and vessel acquisition transactions, including a $2.4 loan facility to acquire ten vessels and a $700 million collateral arrangement credit facility to change the vessel owner, serving as Norway’s largest financial services group Advised Bermuda and Cayman Islands legal counsel.

Advising on the trading of a Chinese department store chain in China’s largest online retailer, serving as a leading Swiss bank in the British Virgin Islands and Cayman legal counsel.

Advised Bermuda as a legal advisor on a $122 million banking and financing facility for an independent upstream company specializing in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas exploration in Southeast Asia.

Providing legal advice to a Cayman legal adviser to an international consortium for an Indian Rupee loan facility of up to Rs. 5 billion for one of India’s largest office space owners.

Advised a Cayman legal advisor to a major World Bank on a sewage bank treatment, water supply and water environment restoration involving $150 million in China, providing legal advice. This project lays the foundation for a series of cooperation between banks and private sectors in developing countries in Asia in natural resources and suburban development cooperation.

A legal advisory service to Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands, a Chinese bank for a $166.8 million credit facility for the acquisition of US oil and gas assets.

Advising a multinational insurance consortium as the lead legal counsel for more than 15 jurisdictions on the feasibility of a centralized derivatives trading platform in Bermuda.

Provide trust and administrative legal advisory services for family and business purposes to China’s ultra-high net wealth individuals.

Mr. Chen often speaks at various conferences, seminars and training sessions, including:

As a guest speaker at the China Offshore Summit;

A guest speaker at the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the British Virgin Islands Asia;

Speaker of the seminar for the inauguration ceremony of the first China Family Trust Legal Service Center;

Acting as a guest speaker at the Asia Private Banking and Family Finance Office Summit;

Acting as a guest speaker at the Family Finance Office Solutions Exhibition;

Participation in the official offices of the British Virgin Islands Government in the Asia Pacific region and roundtable seminars hosted by the Asia Insurance Forum


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